New blog

This post marks the end of my Octopress blog. My blogging habits are non-existent, but Octopress and it’s configuration was an inhibitor to that. Upgrading to Octopress 3 seemed like a waste of time. Introduce Middleman! »

Plutarch's Lives - Coriolanus

{% blockquote Plutarch, Lives Vol. I %} Certainly, it was not out of suspicion of bribery and corruption that they required all such petitioners for their favour to appear ungirt and open, without any close garment; as it was much later, and many ages »

MITRE CTF 2014 - Forensics 300

The VM we’re given is a standard Ubuntu install from first glance and in order to access the system we’re going to need to find credentials for the user georgesr. Rather than wasting time trying to guess or crack the password we can reboot the VM and »

CSAW 2014 Quals - Networking 100

This challenge was called ‘Big Data’ and apparently is 'Something, something, data, something, something, big’. Downloading the pcap tells us it actually is big, a full 26.7MB. Not as big as Big Data gets, but much larger than just a little bit of text »

CSAW 2014 Quals - Forensics 200

In this challenge we’re given a packet capture and asked the simple question: ‘why not sftp? well seriously, why not?’. My first instinct was to open the file in Wireshark and analyze the traffic, looking for anything that jumped out at me. The challenge »