CSAW 2014 Quals - Networking 100

This challenge was called ‘Big Data’ and apparently is ‘Something, something, data, something, something, big’. Downloading the pcap tells us it actually is big, a full 26.7MB. Not as big as Big Data gets, but much larger than just a little bit of text »

CSAW 2014 Quals - Forensics 200

In this challenge we’re given a packet capture and asked the simple question: ‘why not sftp? well seriously, why not?’. My first instinct was to open the file in Wireshark and analyze the traffic, looking for anything that jumped out at me. The challenge »

Debian sudo secure path

Debian has particular issues that irritate the hell out of me yet I hesitate to take even reasonable amounts of time to solve such problems, illogically. Tonight the feature/bug in question was a minor part of sudo compiled by default in Debian. I took »

Paywall evasion

It’s difficult these days not to encounter paywalls on news sites; a frequent irritant to me. An attempt to view a small article discdiscussing a fascinating new scientific discovery introduces me to a slowly fading, scrolling, sliding, or exploding »

Epictetus' Enchiridion (mathematical!)

My favorite episode of Pendleton Ward’s ‘Adventure Time’ is ‘The Enchiridion!’ (S01E05). Despite being a book “meant only for heroes whose hearts are righteous,” anyone can pick up the real-life version of the book online at Amazon for the large sum of »